UK Map of Scrap Yards & Car Breakers

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Map of UK Scrap Yards / Breaker Yards

Example scrap prices

Scrap mild steel

£140 per tonne

Scrap stainless steel

£700 per tonne

Scrap gold

£8.30 per gram (9 ct) £24.70 per gram (24 ct)

Scrap aluminium

£800 per tonne (pure) £750 per tonne (cast)

Scrap zinc

£500 per tonne

Scrap lead

£950 per tonne

Scrap brass

£2,100 per tonne (cuttings) £1,800 per tonne (swarf)

Scrap cars

£100 per tonne

Scrap appliances

£8 per dismantled washing machine

Scrap car batteries

£430 per tonne

Scrap radiators

£1,900 per tonne
Prices last checked March 2014